Callum Morton Renders


Callum Morton is one of Australia’s most renowned contemporary artist whose work has been exhibited extensively across Australia and overseas. We have been fortunate to work with him on number of projects, applying materials, textures, lighting to his 3D models and rendering his images for exhibitions. Callum Morton Humpy, 2008 Australian Pavilion Design Competition finalist […]

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With this shot, a classic combination of photography, cg and retouching were used. The rail, showerhead, starburst and splashes were created using CG imaging, combined and then retouched into the shot.   Photographer: David Rosendale Agency: DDB Melbourne

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Landscapes For V/Line


Paul Torcello has shot this beautiful series of Australian landscapes for V/Line’s latest campaign. We helped with some of the detailing, but admittedly, there wasn’t that much to do…

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